Definitely not only for babies, this calming and gentle blend of Camomile, Lavender and Cedarwood will soothe your body and quieten your mind, helping you drift peacefully off to sleep. A Soft, soothing and restful, this blend will de-stress and 'still' even the busiest amongst us.

Our little bottles of Essential Oil blends are pure joy!

Using the best locally sourced ingredients and a large dollop of love, these blends have been developed with therapeutic benefits and balanced aromas in mind.
With 6 in our range, there is something for everyone.


Camomile, Lavender and Cedarwood

How to use our Essential Oils:

  • Add to your favourite room diffuser
  • Use in a tea light burner
  • Add to your bath with a tsp of carrier oil (Olive, Almond, Coconut) and use as a bath oil
  • Place a few drops on an old scarf and drape over your pillow at night.
  • A few drops added to a Happy Hugger™ (Warm Bean Sack) works beautifully.
  • A drop or two inside your mask will Relax or Revive your day.
  • Add a few drops to candles that have lost their fragrance.
  • Mix with a drop of fragrance oil and use as a perfume.
  • Add a drop to your daily moisturiser for extra Flower Power.
  • Add a few drops to massage oils for extra potency.